“Hey Rohan, can I get some coffee please.”

“Yes, why not. Come on in. Have a seat, I’ll just get you a nice and strong cup of coffee.

“Thanks, Rohan. You are my saviour.”

“Anytime my friend! By the way, you look so tired, Nakul. What’s the matter?”

“Nothing Rohan, the usual – The never ending house hunting search.”

“So, any luck yet?”

“No, Rohan. You know what, it’s pretty tiring now. My head is a chaotic hub. Since months we have been looking out for a good property that we can own and call it ‘ours’. But … “(shakes his head)

“Hmm.. I’ll be right back.”

“Here… your piping hot cup of coffee, I am sure you are going to like it ;)”

“Now before you start sulking again, let me tell you something that might just help .”

“You know, I agree that home-searching can definitely get to one’s head. It is an ordeal one would like to finish as quickly as possible. Higher EMIs, lack of good amenities, and more importantly lack of trust factor while deciding upon any property are the biggest pain points for anyone looking to buy a house. All these, take away the excitement one has as he sets upon his home searching journey.”

Nakul nodded in all earnest.

“Having said that, Rohan continued, do you know about this #TATA99HomesFestival which has given people hope and believe that they can consider buying their dream home without worrying too much about higher property prices or EMIs or amenities or the trust factor! It has in long way made the home buying journey a completely stress-free process!

“Is it! How do know? What’s so unique about it?”

“I came to know from a dear friend of mine about #TATA99HomesFestival who registered himself to buy a property when the bookings open from 2nd of November! Must say, he looked like the happiest person on earth, if I may say so”

“Wow! I would like to more about it, Rohan.”

“So firstly, tell me your biggest concern that you have while buying any property.”

“Well, …. Price is the foremost concern, followed by high loans and thus higher EMIs.”

“Hmm… same concerns as most of the people, and along with that, good amenities, apt location and a total value for money.” Right?”

Nakul simply nodded in agreement to what Rohan just said .

“Now, what if I tell you that you only have to worry about how will you spend your evenings in your own home?”

Nakul gave him a quizzical look.

“You heard me right, Nakul. #TATA99HomesFestival is a home buying festival wherein it solves all your problems. Tell me, how does 99% funding sound to you?”

“99% funding!” You are kidding me, right Rohan?”

“I bet, bro! Although it might be hard to believe, it’s true and more importantly, it is TATA, so no second thinking on it. If it’s TATA, it has to be true.”

“Hmm… you know what Rohan, this is something never heard of.”

“Exactly”!! But it is 100% true.

“Even I had the same reaction as you when I heard about this offer for the first time”, gestured Rohan with a glint of happiness on his face.

“Moreover”, Rohan continued, “there is a discount of up to 19 lakhs varying from projects to projects!”

Nakul appeared completely tongue-tied.

“It’s a steal!!!” Exclaimed Nakul at the top of his voice after regaining his senses.

“You know what, I am thinking that since our AGM is on this weekend, why not spread a word about this to everyone?” Rohan suggested.

“Brilliant idea, Rohan. This will be a goldmine for friends and relatives who are hopping here and there for a good value-to-buy home. It will be of immense benefit and will bring lots and lots of happiness and smiles.” Added Nakul with a fiery zeal.

“Nakul, I suggest you register soon as there are only 99 units up for grabs and check out the properties at Boisar, recommended Rohan.

Visibly happy, Nakul texted the gathered info about TATA Value Homes #TATA99HomesFestival to all his friends and asked them to share as much as they can.

Moreover, who doesn’t like spreading happiness?


Are you as excited as Nakul? If yes, check out the properties on offer with #TATA99HomesFestival and own your dream house or perhaps a vacation home 😉 If you wish to know more or want to register, here’s how you can do it – TATA99HomesFestival

Registration ends on 1st of November!