child and parent holding hand

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How love for him blossomed I don’t know

Through those miniature ears, eyes and toe

Or it came with that cutesy smile

Strung impressively to my soul all the while

Whether in parts or whole ’tis everywhere I go

Energizing ammo enough to be my best beau

Jaggery is how my heart would like itself to rename

To protect the source is the only aim

A sudden disaster and heart suffocates from within

Will murdering the killers be a perfect trade-off win?



Being a parent to a toddler, it is disheartening to see so many incidents of child sexual abuse, murder, etc taking place against school going children.

As a parent, I really cannot fathom the mark it leaves on the heart who loved his/her ward so dearly. So what options does a parent have? Will taking a revenge be a perfect trade-off?

I have written this poem after the incident that happened at Ryan International school. It shook me to the core and hence this terse sonnet.

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