On the occasion of World Suicide Prevention Day, 2017, I am writing a poem urging young children, teenagers and students to avoid taking a drastic step and talk it out with your family and friends.


Don’t judge a person by the face

As it may be having many layers to ace

Just as a well-written book

With a title, you may tend to overlook

Tears may not simply be water, but scarlet

That looks liquid but is solid with humongous cut

Of helplessness and frustration

With no way out but one

With each day darkness draws

And pulls you with its claws

To the world where broken children

Finds a welcoming home of pain and none

Temptation runs high when there’s no way

No escape, but you stay agape

As sleep beckons your angel

While you deal with the devil

You agree to seal the deal in blood

As pills are unable to kill the already languid

Armed with a blade you rush to kill

Just then you hear a sound against your heart’s will

The angels have gathered around you

A twisted soul, an empty head, to fill some view

In darkness, they lend an ear

Cajole you to speak out your worries and fears

Slowly, you gain confidence

The curtains are now wide with guidance

A ray of light at the end of darkness

As you bid goodbye to the devil without a fuss

Surrounded with people who matter

You reminiscence the journey with a purr

The key of self-harm is behind

With family and friends around as you unwind


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