With the Prime Minister’s digital and startup push, there are many businesses embracing the digital technology and selling various products online. But, all these businesses are selling products that are not edible. However, there is one such website named Salebhai.com selling edible products.

Now just imagine that you are planning to have a grand party involving your family and friends in order to celebrate your success. Most of your friends come from various parts of India and you want to make it extra special for each and every one of them. So what will you do?

You think of finding their favourite delicacies in your area of living, but you do not succeed. You try hard, but you are unable to get a particular delicacy that is available in the hinterland of let’s say, West Bengal. Does that mean you might have to change your plan or cancel the party?

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Along with food items, there are many arts and handicrafts items, puja thali and packs, herbal items, jewellery and gifting options as well.

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