If you are the followers of my blog or following me on social media, you must be knowing that my book ‘The 23rd Girl‘ is out and getting some really good response and reviews. The book is basically about a teenage boy named Rashv, whose claim to fame is his never say die spirit and his chronicles and tryst with a particular number. However, his mom is as unique as he is.

The 23rd Girl

The 23rd Girl

Like most Indian mothers, she represented the single most influence in his life. She was a pillar of strength for Rashv so much so that even though age had added some laugh lines around her smiling mouth, she had twice the amount of a loving heart full of care, love and devotion for Rashv.

But when she gets irked, it is like playing with fire! The only best thing one can do is listen to her and you pause for a minute, look towards your feet and say those two words which will melt her slightly. And then rush to give her a warm hug.

However, when you have a son like Rashv, his mom needs to have that motivational speech always ready to prep up the disheartened son. But, the overdose of the speech can result into something like this…

“Mom, please, gimme a break from your motivational exercise! The overdose is such that if I hear it just one more time, I swear I’ll stop studying and try a hand at being a ‘Life Coach’ and spend the rest of my days at maybe one of those red-light areas giving free lectures on the same.”

So in a nutshell,

If you want to know more about Rashv, his mom and his number theory, grab the book or Tweet to me.

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