It is extremely difficult to predict the winner of a test match as it depends upon many factors. The pitch, the performance of the players, the overall mindset and many other things. Sometimes, even the 5-day long test matches go down till the last ball is bowled. So, we cannot really predict the sure shot winner of a test match.

Similarly, the ongoing in our life depend upon many factors, be it either external or internal. Sometimes we feel happy about a particular thing and the next moment we may find ourselves in a dire situation. Such is life. One cannot say what will happen the very next minute.

Image you are super happy for the trip that you are planning to go with your family. You have a great time with your family, collecting many memories to cherish for a lifetime. While returning, you were upbeat about spending a good relaxing time with family. Just then, out of the blue, you feel uneasy and start gasping for breath. Before anyone could understand what to do, your family might have lost you.

Taking that example a bit further, you are behind the driving wheel of your four-wheeler and you encounter a nasty accident. Either you may come out of the clutches of death with less injury or more injury or in worse case can succumb to injuries.

So life is extremely uncertain just like the result of a test match. And in this uncertainty, there is one product which can help you in getting a comprehensive protection for yourself and in turn your near and dear ones. That plan is Edelweiss Tokio’s Total Secure+. As the name suggests, the plan provides protection for your life along with many critical illnesses, thus giving you a complete security against uncertainties.

The Edelweiss Tokio Total Secure+  plan is one of the best term plans available online. Apart from insuring the life of the insured, the plan provides cover for accelerated critical illnesses covering 35 such illness. Along with that, the plan also has a flexible death benefit payout option. Moreover, the Accidental Death Benefit and Accidental Total And Permanent Disability Rider provides a holistic protection. The plan also comes with flexible premium paying term giving you a more control on how much you want to pay for being insured.

So, taking the above example, if you had Edelweiss Tokio’s Total Secure+ term plan, all of your and your family’s worries might have easily been taken care of.