#AtoZChallenge 2017

#AtoZChallenge 2017


I admit running a family with single income is tough

but, my dear walls, I am not going to let you win,

Get that straight and stop laughing at me!

Before the sunrise until sunset, I am at work, exhausted I feel

And await the sight of the little one,

As soon as I ring the doorbell and enter in,

I descry her, scoop her up, twirl her, wrapping around my arms

And experience the joy of being a father,

Whispering to her that I’ll always be there for her,

Marveling at the feelings stirred inside me.

But my dear little one, as much as I hate to stay away

From you, I have to

As I have no choice, you’d understand that later

For in this hectic rush of life, I may not be a wise man,

But an intelligent one to understand that

Enough money equals to happiness in life

She had said to me when we were dating, I clearly remember

And working overtime, putting extra efforts,

Allows me to pay the hefty credit card bills

But having said that, I still long to descry your sight,

Play and spend time with you, as those golden days are not going to come back.