#AtoZChallenge 2017

#AtoZChallenge 2017

And so, after many false alarms, came the true one.

But me being the cool, calm and composed person,

Did something only I could have done.

“Different people, different thinking and different actions”,

My boss’s patented statement

Signalling the end of a discussion,

Which I would have loved to quote, but alas!

Who would dare to speak against one’s missus?

After what she thinks was a completely irresponsible act by me!

But anyways, since it was the Day, I decided to look dapper.

“Why? What on earth are you smoking”, I could hear you say that to me.

“I am smoking beauty”, I would reply

Continuing with my ablutions, shaving the stubble and dressing for the kill

Or rather photographs, with me and my baby!

So tell me, is looking good a crime?

And would you love to see a photograph

Where you are not looking at your best?

But after all the efforts,

All that happened was everything,

But photographs!


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