Sleep finally beckoning me, not before

Slipping my arm around her, snuggling

Her soft hair caressing and arousing

My love for the two,

Two it was, when my eyes fell on the clock

Hanging on that callous wall

As my wife’s thundering shriek stirred me,

I had thought so, but I was wrong, as usual,

I had gone numb, I don’t know why,

A slap and a vigorous shake later

My entire being, even my hair stood wide awake

But my mind kept on ticking the checklist;

Mobile phone, camera, quickest route to the hospital,

An alternate route, doctor’s number on speed dial;

‘You are awesome’ comforted my inner voice

‘You are brave’ taunted the walls

‘You are brave enough, baby’ I offered,

Feigning calmness, but

My stomach churned in parallel

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