Everyone of us has a sweet tooth. We simply cannot resist having that one bite from our loved sweets, cakes or any food that makes us happy instantly. We have very different choices and tastes when it comes to the peculiar type of food that we love. At times, it is the third person, friends or relatives that they get us our loved sweets from where they stay. So, we get to relish the food only at those times. But what if I say that we all can relish our favourite sweets and other food whenever we want to?

Yes, PlaceofOrigin.in is the destination where you must log into and get access to plenty of different foods from all the parts of India. It is India’s first and largest platform for famous local foods. With 3500+ unique sweets and snacks, variety of dry fruits and dry fruits based sweets, pickles and staples from 300+ famous local brands from across India, it is a go-to website for any foodie, especially the one having a sweet tooth. Isn’t that simply awesome!!

You can get the famous Shrewsbury Biscuits, Dharwad Peda, Sandesh and many such mouth watering sweets, along with local specialties such as the Chanachur of Bengal, Thokku from Andhra Pradesh, and so on, PlaceofOrigin.in has everything covered.

PlaceofOrigin.in provides all the food and delicacies directly from the place of origin. Hence, the name. The products are fresh and delivered directly from origin. Along with that, the order is delivered in a secure cardboard box which ensures safe delivery from the producer to the doorstep. So, no need to worry about opened box, spoilt food and such.

PlaceofOrigin.in has many categories such as Sweets, Snacks, Staples, Mangoes and Pick of the Month as well. Sweets, in particular, includes Mithai, Chocolates and Fudges and Cakes. So if you ask me, one Mithai that caught my attention is Black Pepper Ladoos. It is unique, as I have not heard a sweet prepared from black pepper!

Black Pepper Ladoos - PlaceofOrigin.in

Black Pepper Ladoos – PlaceofOrigin.in

So, imagine a situation where few guests are coming at your place and you want to have their favourite food stocked up for them. Now, you do not have to go scouting the different narrow lanes or ask your friends and relatives if they can courier that box of sweet available at their place across to your place. All you have to do is simply visit PlaceofOrigin.in and order all the favourite food without any worries.