We Complete Us

We Complete Us

What is it that makes you who you are?

For each time I blink, I see a different person,

Whom I would like to take the boudoir

And release you from the burden

Of Himalayan expectations from all quarters

Like an artisan giving shape to a mould,

A happy me and a happy you, each other’s worshippers

Gift wrapped in a cocoon, a precious gold

 My muse, my inspiration, my supporter

Ten times more in worth,

For I see the brighter side, as you blur

The life’s problems that girth

So is it a bond of love that makes us a pair?

Or is this love that builds a bond I yearn for care?

This poem of love is written for BLOGCHATTER prompt of the week LOVE.


PS: This sonnet is written for my better half on the occasion of Valentine’s day. I have written many love poems dedicated to her, her beauty and love that has no limits, but for me, this comes closest to what represents our love and her as a person. Love you, muaaah!!