Without You

Without You

Without you, I don’t know what my life would have been

Those coy glances you took, takes my breath away even today

That nod of accepting me and walking beside me, first time

After agreeing to the alliance for eternity, is etched in my heart


That smiling nod and a blink of your eyes

As I dared to hold your hand, your acceptance for me

I just traveled to the heaven and back

Wishing for all the happiness in the world I could provide

Without you, I would not have seen rainbows

For I now see them daily

Colour for every occasion, event – sad or happy

Your face is my home to happiness and vibrancy

Without you! I cannot even dare to imagine

Who’ll shout when I mess up our bed?

Who’ll throw darts when I ignore you and go to my first wife, blogging?

Who’ll chide me to eat healthy and sometimes even force feed me?

Who’ll be my support system when the chips are down?

Who’ll show me that sometimes dancing is fun?

Who will? Dear who will?

Without you, my honey, life will be like

Living on a life support

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