I take on the baton of Blog Love from Humaira.

It is Valentine’s Day – The day when we express our love for the most important person in our life. But what about the things that we like doing the most? Even they deserve to be loved. So here are a few reasons, why I like the next best thing that I like doing, blogging! 

I Love My Blog

I Love My Blog


  1. I get to write what I want to write – Some 5 years ago, I discovered that writing is what I love to do. So I started out writing my views on politics and sports. Slowly and steadily, it gave wings to writing some stories and poems. Of course, it came out only after I started reading books, which, by the way, was the first time ever I laid my hands on novels. Over a period of time, I branched out into writing various forms of fictions and poems as well. Thus, I love my blog as it showcases the versatility as a writer which has been appreciated by many.
  2. I get to work from anywhere, anytime – Well, there are only a few jobs that allow you such leisure and blogging is one such job. I call it a job, because, of late, I have started earning from my writings. The beauty of this job is that once you have all your ideas, you can simply start writing without the requirement of an internet connection. So you can go on trips and yet blog, blog from your phone, from coffee shops, from wherever you are. However, on the flip side, you will find me blogging from either home or office (my desk job).
  3. Constant support and recognition – I love my blog and blogging for the constant support, motivation, and recognition that the blogging friends and community have thrown upon me. It has encouraged me to write more, to try something different and more importantly have brought bloggers closer to each other as one big family. There is a lot of ‘building others up’ constantly going by reading and sharing the posts, that keep each other motivated to blog. 
  4. Brings out the inner creative in me – I was not at all creative in either school or college. Drawing / arts & craft to me was akin to going to a war with a pre-determined outcome. And I do not need to tell the outcome, right? But when it comes to writing, I am always ready to open my laptop and start typing. Each time I punch my words, somehow my inner creativity as a writer is awakened and you get to read different posts each time. Moreover, it is never monotonous. That’s the beauty of blogging and one more reason why I love my blog. 
  5. The outcome – I love my blog for it gives me an immense sense of satisfaction and pride which no job till now has ever given me. With the completion of each blogging assignment and receiving the paycheck, the glee on my face is that of a kid who has managed to solve the blocks of puzzles and goes running ear to ear grinning about conquering the feat. 
  6. A sense of achievement – The other important reason why I love my blog is that it has led me to achieve which I had never dreamt of when I was in my college and starting out with my first job. My blog has led me to be known to the world as an author. Yes, you read that right. Last year, I published an e-book ‘Amorous Love At Racy Nights‘ a collection of 26 love poems. Since it is the month of love, you can grab the book for free! Just check the right side bar and you will find the way to download it. Moreover, in the current year, my first novel will soon hit the stores for which I am probably more excited than any other event to occur in my life. (I hope the missus doesn’t read this, else… ) You can check out the Facebook page and stay tuned for the release. 
  7. Pics, pics and pics – Well, this surely is a bonus. Who doesn’t love getting clicked? Blogging is the only thing that has generated an interest in photography and my Instagram account is the testimonial to the same. 

So what’s your reason to love your blog? 

I pass on the baton of Blog Love back to Blogchatter.