It is time for #FridayReflections and this time I choose to write on the picture prompt. I decided to write a piece of fiction. So here is the picture prompt and my story.

Eternally In Love With His Dreams

“I don’t want any mistakes, any goof-ups to happen. Make sure that everything is as per the request put up to you.” Nandini heard Raj’s voice sitting next to her, driving his most possessed car, Mercedes Benz, as the late evening winds whipped her long silky tresses.

“I hope… before she could complete, Raj interrupted her and said jovially, “Yes, your majesty. I was talking through my Bluetooth device and did not break any traffic law.”

Raj saw the widening of her lips through the corner of his eyes and it did enhance her beauty as always. Raj always believed that her smile is the biggest comfort she could ever give him.

A relationship of fifteen love-filled years from the day they were married was more than enough for Raj to know Nandini in and out. In other words, their marriage has helped them in evolving and developing a strong telepathy between them.

“Till when can I expect this soft cloth of silk blinding me be removed? I want to enjoy the beautiful landscape of the city in lights”, whispered Nandini passionately before increasing the volume of the music player as her favourite instrumental song had turned up.

“Have patience, my sweetheart, patience. You will be rid of it pretty soon”, divulged Raj rubbing his left palm on her right thigh trying to feel the skin, hidden under the layer of silk that she had draped. Unable to control the urge to kiss her, to have her in his arms, he circled his dry lips with his tongue whilst his fingers kept circling the silk. Nandini bit her lower lip as a soft moan of ecstasy escaped.

Although shivering with pleasure, she somehow controlled her intimate desires and confessed, “Despite fifteen years of marriage, where romance usually dies a peaceful death, you surely know how to live up to it!”

“Thank you my darling for that sweet confession and anyways it is my fortune to have such a wonderful lady by my side only to be loved and loved more”, replied Raj in his trademark seductive tone.

Upon coming at the desired destination, Raj handed the car keys to the valet. He rushed to open the door and took Nandini’s hand asking her to step out of the car. Raj tugged his arm into hers as they walked towards the entrance only to escape from the back doors of the Five Star to a special place – a place, a setting of her dreams.

“Few more minutes and the silk around your eyes will be no more”, he whispered into her ear, so dangerously close of biting her ear bud. She felt his heart beat throbbing just as the waves hitting the shores.

Just as they were out of the hotel through the back door, he slowly untied her of her blindfold but only after running his hands around her navel, shoulders, back and cupping her from behind. Their bodies were pressed against each other generating lots of heat and passion; passion that every couple craves for.

Now relieved from the blindfold, what she saw in front of her eyes left her astonished. Words become superfluous for her.

A table for two stood at the centre with the table and chairs covered with red satin. Surrounding it were the artificial diyas forming a huge heart shape on the sand and a huge portrait of her stood at one of the corners showcasing his eternal love for her while waves kept hitting the sea shore.

She simply turned towards her and sealed it with a kiss as streams of happiness rolled down her cheeks.

Thank you was all that she could mutter under her breath.

“Happy Anniversary Darling!!” He greeted her with a wide grin on his face, pulling her closer towards him and landed her a deep passionate kiss as they stood there, lips pressed, cherishing their love for each other.

                                                                                       – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

“Raaaaaajjjjj !! Singed Nandini, your afternoon cup of tea is ready! Now, lift that lazy ass of yours and come inside. You can again resume dreaming from where you have left.”

“Coming darling!” He happily went inside his home and gave a tight hug to his wife of 30 years. 

Age has not stopped him being a romantic at heart! Also, he was in love with his dreams.

PS: The above story has got me selected as an author for my upcoming novel. (Slightly tweaked it to fit in the theme) You can connect with me on the Facebook page for more updates on the book.