In this era of digital banking, HDFC Bank has taken a major step forward to generate more value to its customers by launching ‘IRA’ – a humanoid in the banking space.

There are innumerable times we have walked into the bank branches and interacted with the humans sitting in the branch. At times, we are surprised with the change in staff and at times with the new furniture. However, with changing times, it is time to see a drastic change in the banking space ever!

Intelligent Robotic Assistant – IRA was launched at the Kamala Mills Branch, Lower Parel, Mumbai on the eve of 27th January 2017 by Mr. Nitin Chugh, Country Head, Digital Banking, HDFC Bank. IRA is developed using Robotics and Artificial Intelligence technologies and has given a big boost to the ‘Make in India’ campaign run by the government of India. HDFC Bank has developed IRA in partnership with Asimov Robotics and is developed in Kochi. This lovely robot will be stationed at the welcome desk of the HDFC bank branches.


Customers will now be greeted by IRA and will assist them to reach to the correct counter for their banking needs. All you have to do is simply stand in front of IRA, where on the screen a list of services will be available. The customer will have to press for the desired instruction on the touch screen and IRA will guide to the correct counter number. In case, you want IRA to lead to you that counter, all you have to do is simply select ‘Take me there’ option on the screen.

Many times, when a customer walks into a new branch, he /she is slightly confused when it comes to which desk to approach. So here comes the usability of IRA. At present, the capabilities of IRA is limited to simply greeting and guiding the walk-in customers and help them to reach to the correct counters.

Well, for all the eager fellows out here, here is how IRA will function.


During the Q & A session, many questions were asked about the capabilities of IRA and the future way ahead. Mr. Chugh replied all the questions with ease and stated that IRA’s capabilities will be enhanced further by introducing features such as Voice and Face recognition for customer identification, Voice-guided navigation, Balance enquiry and Cheque deposit among others.

Another major concern seen was about such robots replacing humans. To which, Mr. Chugh calmly stated that IRA will in no way replace humans. It is just a robotic assistance which will help in improving the quality of service. He also said that 20 IRA’s will be deployed in other branches after getting the feedback. 


IRA Launch

IRA Launch


Well, if you are eager to meet IRA, simply visit the Kamala Mills branch or wait for few months till you get to see her at one of the branches near you!