What if I tell you that there is a new way of borrowing and lending that is slowly picking up pace in the Indian financial market? Have you ever learned about peer to peer lending? No? Then let me throw some light on it.


peer to peer lending

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What will you do if you want some money? You will ask someone to lend that sum to you, right? Now, that someone will be banks and financial institutions. All these banks and financial institutions will ask for some security from you when they lend that sum to you. Now, what if you do not have adequate security or no security to provide them? Does that mean you will not get any loan? No, the doors have not been shut upon you. You have the option of peer to peer lending (p2p)!

So, if you cannot provide security, you have the option of getting unsecured loans through p2p lending. That means, you will ask a peer for the required sum of money and based on all the fact verifications you will get the desired sum of money for a particular rate of interest.

Now let us suppose, you are not a borrower, but an investor. As an investor, you would primarily think of lending huge sums involving some big names and verified projects. But, what if I tell you that you can also lend to the retail customers, wider your lending circle and yet earn a handsome amount in terms of interest? Sounds interesting! So how do you do that? Well, it is the same platform called as p2p lending which allows you to park small funds for a lucrative rate of return which is as good as that of banks and NBFCs.

Since there is not much clarity on peer to peer lending, let me show to you some of the advantages of p2p lending and investing.

For borrowers:

  1. Ease of applying – Borrowing money is easy in p2p when compared to banks and other financial institutions. You have to simply create your borrower account, fill all the required details and your loan will be in consideration. It is that simple!
  2. Speed – The procedure from applying to disbursement of the loan amount is pretty quick and hassle free when it comes to p2p lending, something which is not thought of when applying for secured loans from banks and other financial institutions.
  3. Any amount – You have the liberty to borrow any amount, be it small or big.

For investors:

  1. Spread of risk – Investors get an opportunity to diversify their investing portfolio and spread the risk. At most times, even the lenders are not big institutions. Rather, they are common people willing to spread their investment basket.
  2. High returns – Investors get an opportunity to earn high interest rates which is sometimes more than banks and NBFCs as well.
  3. Choose your borrower – Lenders or rather investors get opportunity to choose their borrowers after checking their history and credit ratings. Only after being thoroughly convinced, the investor can lend the amount.

So peer to peer lending is an innovative method bringing the verified borrowers and lenders together for a mutual benefit. Lenders will aim for good returns and borrowers will get the desired loan amount. Moreover, the Reserve Bank of India has also taken a stock of this method and we can expect some guidance and consultation very soon on it by the RBI.

So if at all, you have any loan requirement or know someone in need of monetary assistance, please introduce them to peer to peer lending. It is growing rapidly in India and one of the established companies in this field is ‘i2i Funding’. With a strong and diverse background, i2i Funding is on its way to change how borrowing and lending takes place. It is a marketplace to earn and receive money. Whatever may be your reason for the need of money, at i2i Funding you will receive the amount you need in a transparent and secure way.

How i2i Funding is simple and secure way for both the investors and borrowers.

For Investors –

  1. Create an investor account by filling up the registration form online, uploading the copy of pan card and address proof and that’s it. Your investor account is set for use.
  2. Go through all the borrower profiles which are pre-verified by i2i Funding and choose a borrower whom you wish to lend the funds.
  3. Once you have selected a borrower to fund, you can then start lending with a minimum sum of INR 5000. However, you can only fund 20% of the loan amount required by the borrower. One major reason for this cap is that the investor is able to spread his risk as seen above.
  4. After physical verification of the borrower and after signing of the valid loan agreement, the funds can be transferred to the borrower’s account and you will receive the repayments at regular intervals either through cheque or direct fund transfer into your account.


Investing at i2i

Investing at i2i

For Borrowers –

  1. Borrowers first need to register at i2i Funding with a non refundable fee of INR 100. After the registration is complete, open the borrower account by filling up an online form by mentioning as much details possible to get better and lower rates of interest.
  2. Once the account is created, the profile is checked by the experts at i2i Funding and the loan is duly assessed by taking into account more than 40 parameters.
  3. After the profile is assessed, the loan can be made live by the borrowers for the investors to have a look at it. Along with that, you also have to option to keep an interest rate as per your liking and convenience to attract more investors.
  4. Soon, the investors will start showing interest in your loan requirement.
  5. Subsequently, once the investor/s is/are locked in, a physical verification takes place along with signing of the loan agreement.
  6. After all the legal formalities are completed, the loan disbursement takes place which is directly into the bank account.

So from the above points, borrowing a sum of money and funding the loan requirements is easy and hassle free.


borrowing at i2i

borrowing at i2i


Thus, if you are in a need of a loan, do not worry, simply log in to i2i Funding, create your account and let the experts at i2i Funding do their job.