The year 2016 is almost nearing an end and it is that time of the year when people are exchanging gifts and in turn expressing their love. The jingle bells are here along with the Santa; be it a secret one or a known one, carrying plenty of things in that huge sack.





Speaking of gifts, there are many gifts which I have received and have sent over the years. Out of all of them, there are a few which have been etched in my heart forever.

I can vividly recollect that day when we (I and my missus) were meeting after a long long time, after our engagement. It was our dinner date in Mumbai. After having a pocket-friendly dinner we hopped into an auto. Newly engaged and meeting after a long time had made us physically checked in with each other. So after making ourselves comfy in the auto, ignoring the traffic and blaring horns, we were besotted with each other’s beauty and in the spur, she landed me a first kiss of our relationship; on my cheek. Thankfully, the movie Befikre had not released then, else it might have been a different story altogether. 

The other gift which I again clearly remember is a couple of years ago on my birthday. It was a working day and the missus had decided to play a game of riddles with me. I found small chits either with questions or straight instructions to reach me to my new pair of clothes that I had to wear for the day. The love and the emotions that had gone in thinking and executing her plans is what makes my heart melt even today. Of course, the fun that I had in solving the riddles, is altogether a different tale.

Gifts and love

Gifts and love

The third and probably a gift close to both our hearts is the gift which I have given her on our wedding night. As you all know that I write poetry, I had gifted a love poem written by me, printed on a t-shirt with few of our photographs on the corners. The look on her face on that day after reading the poem and even now, is one of the priceless gifts that I cherish even now.

Of course, there are many other occasional gifts which we have given each other, but the above three gifts take a special position. 

Along with that, what I believe is to help others in need. Simple things like offering a seat to a lady or an elderly person in a bus or a train is a good gesture. The smile on their faces will be a gift for me for the day. Also, I believe in the saying that ‘Always wear a smile. The gift of life will then be yours to give’.

Now since it is Christmas time, I thought of gifting the kiddo his first Flintobox and a packet of polaroid photographs to the missus to recollect our beautiful memories. Of course, all these gestures do not go without the emotion of love, as that is the most precious gift and probably one of the things keeps me going.

Merry Christmas!

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