There is one question which both the readers and writers at some point in time have had in their minds. That question is, “While writing a story, how to develop characters?” There might be many views and opinions on whether to let the character flow as it comes to you or have a predefined character set in mind before starting to describe and write. 

So to throw some light on this, we have a talented author who has authored many books on romance and she is none other than Sundari Venkatraman.

So let’s see what she has to say on it.

The Question – Is there any art for developing your characters or you simply go with the flow and then check?


I am not a trained writer. My only (and maybe best) qualification is that I am an avid reader who’s also observant and with a vivid imagination. So, I don’t follow any specific pattern when I write.


News snippets, articles, random TV shows, movies, books, stories – all these and more inspire the storyteller in me.


I start off with a hero or a heroine who wants to tell their story. They all begin to play a role, enacting scenes in my mind. I suppose you could say I go with the flow. I very rarely change the character and allow her to be.


Like Shikha in #HisDrunkenWife for example – she came into being in the pages of #TheRunawayBridegroom – insisted on being what she is, a badass. She’s a character with heavy shades of grey.


I am a romance writer and my main condition while writing my books is that they have a happy ending. I just went along with Shikha on her journey to find out the why and wherefores of her life and the result is the second book in the series.


Abhimanyu is the perfect partner for her is my opinion as he loves her unconditionally.



Sundari Venkatraman Author

Sundari Venkatraman Author


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