Tata Literature Live! 2016

Tata Literature Live! 2016

Packed auditorium,

Butterflies on either side,

Excitement everywhere.

Their seventh, mine first.

Where language of words,

Came alive.

Tata Literature Live,

Tata Literature Live.

Since I am being introduced as a poet first and then a blogger, I thought to capture the four days of awesomeness that I was fortunate to witness – The Litfest of Mumbai, Tata Literature Live, through the magic of poetry. An event spanning four days, with around 130+ authors and dignitaries from all over the world gracing the event with their presence, it was a sheer overload of knowledge. I would love to thank the organizers, Mr. Anil Dharker, all the participating authors and the wonderful team of young men and women who stood tall for all the four days of the event.

The event commenced with parliamentarian, Mr. Shashi Tharoor’s book launch named ‘An Era of Darkness: The British Empire in India’. It was an insightful interaction between the two where Mr. Amitav Ghosh subtle digs at his party brought some humour.

So as a poet, here are my few lines capturing the event that had happened a long long time ago – The British Raj.



Mr. Shashi Tharoor's Book Launch 'An Era of Darkness: The British Empire in India'

Mr. Shashi Tharoor’s Book Launch ‘An Era of Darkness: The British Empire in India’           



From darkness to light

From British Empire to Indian Democracy

We moved, we evolved

Carrying a shining legacy forward

On our young and energetic shoulders

The next event which I was eagerly waiting to attend was the poetry reading session by Adil Jussawala, Eleanor Hooker, Keki Daruwalla, Zingonia Zingone. The poetry by them brought out vivid imagery and plenty of emotions. It was fascinating to listen to their poetries that had such depth and yet were simply words. Probably that’s the magic of words.

So, here are few words on poetry and how it comes to me.

Poetry Reading by Adil Jussawala, Eleanor Hooker, Keki Daruwalla, Zingonia Zingone.

Poetry Reading by Adil Jussawala, Eleanor Hooker, Keki Daruwalla, Zingonia Zingone.


A word, an emotion, and feelings

An experience,

Pain and laughter,

Cometh together;

A sublime feel,

Blessed by the muse.

Blood bubbling within,

A poetry beckons to be written

Also, what excited me again was the upcoming session on ‘The Verse Case Scenario’ which had debated on should song writers be considered as poets and vice versa. Well, if you ask me, there is a place in the ecosystem for both of them to co-exist and yet in a way pen words that can be counted as a song and a poetry as well.

The second day started with a bang!! A session on Sex and Sensibility – Erotica writing for an Indian reader…

… and here is my take on it

One whiff of your fragrance

Bubbling desires pent up

Under your pants

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Now I could have continued the above poem, but I chose to end it at that point. The reason being:

1) I may know where my poem / story is going or

2) I may not know where my poem / story is going

This was precisely the next session  – The What happens – Do authors know where their story is going? It gave an insight into what the authors see and it the debate was a balanced one. So ultimately it depends on an individual, as it is his / her story.

The highlight of the day was Poet Laureate Gulzar being awarded and honoured.

It was a surreal experience to see him recite some extraordinary poems which are still reverberating in my ears and heart.

Poet Laureate Gulzar

Poet Laureate Gulzar                            



For the remaining two days, Prithvi Theatre was my host for the wonderful sessions that were lined up.

Prithvi Theatre

Prithvi Theatre


Some of the sessions that I loved are: Words behind Words, Nawabs Nudes Noodles – A trip down the advertising lane and the language of Poetry by Simon Armitage.

So to sum it up, the four days of insightful sessions taught me that words have the power to emote, to tell, to convey, to express and much more and what better way than a poetry! Few words are sometimes enough to leave you spellbound rather than a story!

The magic of these four days  has engulfed me, captivated me, and yet I feel liberated in my own sense. That was the power of the seventh edition of Tata Literature Live!