Market is flooded with plenty of options when it comes to buying a sedan. In this cut throat competition, only the ones who strive for the optimum manage to survive and beat the competition. So when I think about it, there is one car that comes to my mind and it is none other than the all new Toyota Platinum Etios.

Toyota Etios

Toyota Etios












In this post, I will tell you why Toyota Platinum Etios needs to be the car which definitely deserves to be test driven and subsequently bring the classy beauty home.

  • Safety – Safety is the foremost and important factor while deciding to buy any car, and the Platinum Etios stands ahead when it comes to safety.
  1. The all new Platinum Etios comes with standardized dual front airbags across all the variants. So, select any variant of the new Platinum Etios as per your budget, and get the basic safety feature in the car.
  2. The seatbelts also play a major role in safety while driving, and hence the seatbelts come with pretensioners and force limiters. Both of these help in reducing the impact to driver and passenger while collision.
  3. Since we are talking about safety, it is also important that the body of the car be able to take the maximum hit and pressure during a collision or an accident. So keeping that in mind, the body structure is strong and built to handle and absorb the impact of a collision or an accident.
  4. The car comes with a standardized ABS with EBD which helps to stop the brakes from locking up while slipping and helps to keep the car stable while braking. Along with that, the car comes with a centralized locking system.
  • Comfort – After safety comes comfort and when you are driving a sedan, you should also get the feel of driving a sedan. This feel is given by the advanced features available in the all new Platinum Etios.
  1. What we want from a sedan is a comfortable drive and it is given by the best-in-class cabin space and leg room. Along with that, the car also gives a rear centre armrest for that royally driven feel and luxury.
  2. Ever seen a headrest for the middle rear seat? The all new Toyota Platinum Etios provides a removable and adjustable headrest for all the three rear seats.
  3. Sometimes driving for a long distance is a pain as the seat height is not adjustable as per the requirement. But with all new Toyota Platinum Etios it is a thing of the past, as it comes with height adjustable driver seat!
  4. Now-a-days, we need things to be done quickly and at our fingertips. In the new Platinum Etios, you can simply have your way at your fingertips as it has steering mounted audio controls. So change the song, the playlist, and tune into your favourite FM channel, now all at your fingertips!
  5. What if you want to have a holiday with many bags to carry? You need not worry as the all new Platinum Etios comes with a humongous 592L boot space which is enough to carry all your heavy luggages.
  6. Ever heard of an electronically foldable ORVMS in a sedan? The all new Toyota Platinum Etios has it. Now that is called class!
  • Quality – After safety and comfort comes quality and there is no doubt on Toyota’s quality. Each and every car from Toyota’s stable is high on quality and Platinum Etios is no different. Winner of 4 awards, the car comes with unmatched warranty of 3 years or 1,00,000 kms.

Moreover, the Platinum Etios also gives you an opportunity to accessorize the car with a wooden gear shift knob, chrome garnish for side mirror and rear, wooden panel centre cluster and much more.

So what are you waiting for?

If you are planning to buy a sedan, then simply head to your nearest Toyota showroom and test drive the all new Platinum Etios and feel the difference. With such amazing features, you are definitely going to enjoy the drive and have your money’s worth.



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