short story

A Rohan Kachalia Short Story

Her lips were as red as blood, I had noticed, as we slammed our bodies reaching for something. It was crazy. I had also noticed that her eyes displayed two emotions, passion and hate, one for each, both for me. I had whispered into her sweaty neck, ‘You’re amazing, baby’, before pushing the cushions on her face, hard, suffocating her.

Watching from the sofa, I had kept admiring her lifeless body till I emptied the entire bottle. I licked the rim of the bottle, just like I had licked her breasts. I threw the bottle on the ground. The hard sound startled me. I dialed a number. ‘Mission accomplished. The spy is dead’, I said.

But little did he know that he was being manipulated to kill the love of his life with the pretext of his duty towards the nation.


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