My most favourite word is ‘love’. It has shown me the world which was otherwise unknown to me. The word love has made me keep going when the going was tough. The word has put a meaning to a sentence which otherwise would have been just a sentence. Such is the power of the word love.

A human being which becomes an inseparable part of your life. Otherwise, it is simply a verb used casually. And that human being is none other than my wife.

After coming into my life, she has changed the course of my life. All of a sudden, the word love has gained utmost importance in my life. Just like air is not seen but it is there, love may or may not been seen between us but is needed and felt. So whether we are around each other or not, love is felt. 

The word love is there in our hearts. A simple act of massaging her body at night after a tiresome day is your love towards her. I do it because there is love for her in my heart and there is no expectation that she will reciprocate in the same way. If there is an expectation, then it is actually not love. Similarly, if I don’t help her in daily chores, it does not mean that there isn’t any love between us. 

Love is actually a driving force in my life. It is for the love of the word love that I keep doing thing tirelessly. And that love for the things that I do doubles up when there are a few people whom I love involved. Just like writing this post in spite of suffering from heavy cold and cough. It is nothing but my love for writing and blogging. Or joining her for a round of garba even though I do not know how to play.

Love is actually a liquid. If you are able to possess it, you can see love taking a different shape as per the vessel. Love can be a mystery too. The more you try to decipher the right code for loving someone it will slip away from your hands. So it is wise to keep doors and windows open to its presence. And as I said earlier, love is like air. It will flow and come to you. 

Love is not just a word. It can change the world around you. Also, as said by Paulo Cohelo – ‘Love is just as a word until someone comes along and gives a meaning to it’.

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