My love mischievous and strange

My dedication bordering addiction

My inspiration, you and only you

I promise to you, I will continue to write

Until I breathe this life

But you choose to ignore me

About to click enter and read my words, instead

You simply skim through, ignoring the essence

I promise to figure out the reason for this

Until I breathe this life

Your simply liking the post

Your only reading and not commenting

Will now not put my authentic writings in vain

Instead, they will ask you once again to read an improved me

Under the umbrella of Blogchatter and Blogbuddy

Until I breathe this life

You now take notice of

My Alexa rank, my social influence, my organic reach

Along with my wonderful buddy group #TheMagicalPot

And read what I have to say, time and again

I will love, admire and bless you

Until I breathe this life


happiness with blogbuddy #TheMagicalPot

PS: I have tried a fun poem where I have gone through my initial days of blogging and subsequently getting smarter with the help of a lovely community known as Blogchatter. Just FYI, this is a spin-off of the popular song – Jab Tak Hai Jaan (poem).

I am a Blogbuddy with Blogchatter