21 Random Facts About Me – A Poem




On the wrong side of thirty am I,

Till a pair of the spectacle before my marriage die.

I had to look dapper in front of her,

Someone suggested Lasik just to impress her.

I like to receive and she likes to throw,

Surprises big and small to grow.

My temper is short,

And as I snort,

To calm down within minutes,

A glass of water to give credits.

Actually, even tea can do good,

Any time of the day would,

So does chocolates,

And biscuits.

Bollywood is what I am married to,

But if it is SRK, I go blue.

Whereas Hollywoods is for action, Double O Seven,

Fiction and poetries I like to spun.

Reading and blogging are my first,

But the missus is my thirst.

My friend is she and only,

With whom I always plan to flee with glee.

Add to that, Litchi, my 2 year old,

Chickoo’s life gets complete with a gold.

I hope you did enjoy this (non)sensical rhyme,

As much as I enjoyed writing 21 facts about me rhyme.

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