Working in a team and as a team surely generates positive end results. The benefits of working in and as a team are plenty. However, what happens when the team starts experiencing conflict within the team members? Deadlines get missed. Targets are not met and the desired end result is not achieved.

Recently, I experienced a situation where as a team leader, my capabilities in solving a conflict within the team was put to test. Before I move ahead, let me tell you that there are two broad types of conflicts that takes place in an organization, such as:

  1. Interpersonal conflicts – These are conflicts between two individuals which involves clash of egos and jealousy. This type of conflicts form a major chunk of all conflicts that takes place in an organization.
  2. Unclear Responsibilities – When responsibilities are unclear, conflicts are bound to happen.
Conflict Management

Top 5 Hacks To Conflict Management

So coming back to the situation, what I realized during managing the conflict was that, more than the conflict, human relations, feelings and emotions matter. Along with that, proper and timely communication plays a key catalyst in decreasing the chances of having a conflict within the team.

Although, there isn’t any perfect method or steps available for managing a conflict, there are few things which when applied, helps in solving the conflict within the team. So here are the top hack for conflict management within the team.

  1. Listen to both the sides – This forms the foremost and a critical part of solving any conflict. As a team leader, one needs to listen to both sides patiently before forming an opinion and coming to conclusion. The leader needs to avoid asking confrontational questions and focus on solving the conflict with the aim of a win-win situation for both the aggrieved parties.
  2. Avoid criticizing people – While listening to both sides, try to avoid criticizing people. You never know that what you may have said about other member of the team, may be passed on in the team and then in the entire organization through informal channels.
  3. Praise is what wins your trust – Keep praising even for the slightest improvements when it comes to work. However, the praise and appreciation needs to be honest. This will instill confidence in team members and lead to peaceful minds with positive approach giving 100% at work. Also, criticize but only in face to face meetings and not in front of everyone.
  4. Show sensitivity – We humans are highly sensitive creatures. We get easily offended, but are difficult to please. So while handling interpersonal conflicts, it is important to show sensitivity towards their opinions and respect them. Avoid making them look bad and miserable in front of others, as you do not want a confrontation which might take matters out of control.
  5. Lead the way – As a leader of the team, what you need is a good team to work for you. And a good team is built by being humble and honest. Being a leader does not mean that you are always right. So if a mistake is committed by you, accept and apologize for it. Set a bar for them, as well as for you. Believe in it and communicate it on time.

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