Public Speaking

Scared of speaking in public?

Have you ever experienced the fright of speaking in front of your classroom packed with 40-50 odd students? Did you shiver? Did you curse the teacher or your luck or both? Did you kept on praying for the bell to ring so that you’d not have to speak in front of class?

Well, to tell you the truth, I experienced the fright and also did all the above things just to save myself from the misery. The misery of:

  1. What will I speak?
  2. What if I forget my lines in between?
  3. What if I completely forget what I have to say?
  4. What if I make mistakes in front of the whole class?
  5. What if I stammer?

So I did forget my lines, words simply wouldn’t come out from my mouth, messed up many times, and sometimes stared blankly at that painting hanging on the wall in front of me. But somehow, I managed the extempore sessions which I had in school.

But, life chose to do what it does best – threw lemons, as I started climbing the corporate ladder. And I decided to make lemonades. Not many know that fear is one of the biggest hurdles a person faces in his life. So I tried to abolish my FEARS and along with that the above questions which I always had in back of my mind while speaking in public. Over the period of time, I learnt some really amazing tricks about effective public speaking which started helping me a lot. These tricks have helped me to forget my stage fear, anxiety and all things associated with public speaking that pull you down.

So do you want to master the art of public speaking?


So here’s presenting the top 5 hacks for effective public speaking…

  1. The 3Ps –  Preparation, Practice and Presence go a long way in mastering the art of pubic speaking. More preparation and more practice will ensure that you are confident while speaking in front of unknown audiences. Subsequently, a striking presence in front of audience will immediately allow the audience to connect with you and what you have to say. Pro tip: Speak in front of a mirror and check out your style, presentation and tone in minute detail. This is your first step towards effective public speaking.
  2. Connect with your audience – Building a connect with your audience at the start ensures that you believe in yourself and present a confident you in front of the audience. No one likes to speak in front of people who are least interested or who pretends to listen to you. So building a connect is a must. Pro tip: Thank and congratulate them for gaining knowledge that will take them ahead in life.
  3. Story – To communicate anything, one needs to have a story. It makes people understand better. Why do you think we tell stories to kids? A story will help you to convey things easily which might otherwise be difficult. Pro tip: Entertaining your audience is key. You would not like to bore you audiences, right? And what better way than a story!
  4. Pause – Take a deep breath. Take a pause. A pause for few seconds will raise the curiosity among your audiences. This will show the concentration level of the audiences and whether they are on the same page or not as you. Pro tip: You cannot take a pause just anywhere in your speech. You need to know at what time to build and generate curiosity. Usually, it is just before the big news.
  5. What are you gaining – Each and every one of us likes to gain something from the time they invest in. So even your audiences need to know what they will gain in the end. You can tell this in between your talk, but not more than three times. Pro tip: Know your audiences beforehand and understand the factors that motivates them and mold the gaining accordingly.

Try getting a hand on each of the above 5 points one by one. Once you have mastered the above 5 hacks for effective public speaking, you will see that you start speaking just at a slight prod.

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