It took some urgent phone calls from his parents to her parents. Tension and nervousness was visible on their faces as they talked for few minutes.

As decided, they met sharp at 12 pm on the following day outside the restaurant for lunch. After couple of hours, all four came out of the restaurant flashing their lovely smiles with kala chashmahanging on their nasal bone. They were now on a mission!

A week later

Rubbing his eyes, a reluctant and groggy Suyash got up from his bed to attend the door bell.

At the same time, Meera with a ladle in one hand and her 2-year-old in another, walked to see who was at her door.

Unable to believe what he had just seen, Suyash rubbed his eyes frantically. He even touched to make sure that he is not dreaming. “Whoa! Is there a secret admirer of mine and I didn’t even knew until now!” exclaimed Suyash after seeing lots of flowers and bouquets at his doorstep.

Meera on the other hand was simply awestruck to see red roses, lilies, daffodils and many varieties of flowers arranged beautifully that formed a heart. She took a rose, brought it to her nose and inhaled the fragrance of deep red blossom. “I last received flowers when I was in college, some 10 years ago”, said a beaming Meera, still inhaling the fragrance.

Few minutes later, both of them wondered who had sent them so many flowers and kept at their respective doorsteps. Meera with her kiddo in tow, took a note that was placed in one of the bouquet. Surprised, she read all the notes that accompanied the bouquets. She had mixed feelings after reading all the notes.

On the other hand, Suyash took all the flowers and bouquets inside and placed them in one corner. He quickly drank couple of glasses of water to fight his jet-lag and sat to read the notes that accompanied the bouquets. He was left astounded for a moment. He could not believe that his gesture or rather gestures was not a secret any more.

Just at that time his father walked in. “I will only ask you one question and I want you to reply me in a yes or no. Do you like her?” He asked with a smile on his face.

Suyash understood the meaning of his smile, got up slowly, as if about to walk away and suddenly ran towards his dad. Seeing his son running for him, he ran out of the house, uttering ‘It was your mom’s idea’, before he was caught in a warm hug. “Yes”, Suyash whispered his answer.

At the same time, Meera’s parents walked towards her daughter. Her mother sat besides her, took her son from her hands and said, “Although we do not stay with you, but…’ she trailed off, wore her ‘kala chashma‘ and continued hamare jasoos kone kone mein faile hue hain and grinned. Her dad came forward and uttered, “We think Suyash is good for you. He loves you. I saw it in his eyes. And moreover, these pictures don’t lie.”

Just then Suyash along with his parents entered Meera’s cute little abode. His mother apologized for clicking some pictures without their permission. Just then, his dad came forward and clarified, “The result can be seen on both of their faces”, pointing towards Meera and Suyash.

and their parents just did that for Suyash, a 32-year-old bachelor and Meera, a 29-year-old divorcee with a kid.

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