WhatsApp has been a part of our life since many years now. It has completely changed the way we communicate and keep in touch with people. Right from kids, to youngsters to even aged people, WhatsApp has made them addicted to sharing messages of all types. Moreover, the first thing that majority of us do in the morning is check our WhatsApp, share and forward messages. As the day passes, we change our WhatsApp statuses depending upon our mood. So be it happy, sad, emotional, romantic and any and every kind of statuses under the sun, we keep changing. This is where Whatsstatus.com comes into play.

Best WhatApp Status Messages on Whatsstatus.com

Before I go into what is Whatsstatus.com all about, tell me what do you think about this status?

I stay with the couple, named – Joy and Happy. So there is no place for you Miss Anxiety and Mr. Worry. – I am sorry, so so sorry. – By Mithu

Isn’t this status unique, positive and ready to be put across as your WhatsApp status and also to be shared with your friends and family? Yes?


So that is what Whatsstatus.com is all about. It is a marketplace for various such unique, interesting and creative statuses. Whatstatus.com is probably the only website which adds new statuses on a daily basis. Now, this is really impressive and helpful to our WhatsApp generation. We can get new and unique statuses to update and to share instead of the boring and repetitive statuses. Now, wait a minute. You might think that it is fine. It is good that they update status daily which are new and unique. But, let me tell you, that’s not all!

Whatsstatus.com is the only website which has more than 60 categories with 4000 plus statuses which will only get more as days pass by! As if, that was not enough, they also have many writers who are associated with them and contribute writing creative statuses on a daily basis. These writers even get paid to post new statuses. Isn’t that really cool?

Now, it will be only fair to my readers, that I pull up some of the Best WhatsApp Status from Whatsstatus.com in my opinion.

  • “The essence of courage is to go forth to the place you are meant to be, to guide, to lead and to protect…” – by Siddarth, listed under the category ‘Attitude WhatsApp Status’.
  • “It’s not the death that kills us, but what we let die inside of us while we live.” – by Shivali, listed under the category ‘Unique WhatsApp Status’.
  • “Life and death are ephemeral , nothing is eternal, everything is dynamic.” – by Devvrat, listed under the category ‘Spiritual WhatsApp Status’.

These are just few among the plenty. Whatsstatus.com is a goldmine for WhatsApp Status and with new statuses added daily, you won’t have to keep on searching for that status which you need. Whatsstatus.com has it all covered. So visit Whatsstatus.com now and enjoy going through various status messages.