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A Rohan Kachalia Short Story

She kept stirring her cup of coffee standing near the window, lost deep in her thoughts. Was it love? Or was it plain bodily need? She was in a doubt.

The cool breeze of early morning wafted through the air ruffling her tender and messy locks of hair. She saw someone smile at her as she stared through the glass window. She looked exactly similar as her, but completely opposite to her. She was confident, forward in her thoughts and most importantly did not shy away from making her feelings known.

Nandini stopped stirring, placed the cup down and started expressing her joy. She danced recollecting the steps he had taught her last night. Her joy knew no bounds. Exhausted, she plumped up the pillows and perched on the sofa. Her smile gave way to a sheepish grin as the knot of her doubt started getting untangled.

She tiptoed her way to the bedroom where he was sleeping peacefully, with his one hand outstretched. She looked at him, smiled and ran her fingers through his hair. Immediately, he pulled her closer into a good morning kiss.

‘You were simply pretending to be asleep’, she pulled his ear.

He winked at her with a wide grin and started kissing her again.

At that time, she thanked her stars, for among many persons it was only he who agreed to marry her, a girl with a prosthetic pair of limbs. Tears silently rolled down her cheeks as she matched his passion with equal fire.

‘Will you marry me’? He whispered to her in his deep baritone voice after sometime.

Nandini took a deep breath and replied with a ‘Yes’.

She had finally found her answer and sent a small prayer for his well-being and accepted the love she thought she eventually deserved.

This post is written in response to the Friday reflection Prompt – ‘We accept the love we think we deserve’ – Stephen Chbosky.

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