Just the name itself is enough to bring back so many wonderful memories. And not to forget the lovely aroma that fills the nostrils as you bring the piping hot glass of tea near to the lips.
Tea is my constant support and a companion. That hot cup of tea is the witness to all my struggles, pains, agony and also a witness to all the happiness, joy and laughter.
Right from my school days, burning the midnight oil for the board exams till the present, Tea has seen me in my good and bad days. And so do those friends with whom I have had the pleasure to share my cup of tea with. 
I would stretch my back, take a sip of the tea and get back to preparing myself for both, tenth and twelfth board exams. During those days, tea was my bread and butter, and probably it still is. The high that tea gives me, no other drink ever can.
When in college, I clearly remember that the tea at the corner of the road was much better than the tea at my college canteen. So, I along with my two friends would sip tea, talk about anything under the sun, but studies. We would talk about politics in general, our dreams, listen to songs and mingle around watching others pass by, holding the glass of tea in our hands. And occasionally, very occasionally talk about girls. Yes, we were like that. 
But, this bunch got separated after the completion of our graduation as we embarked on different journeys. The days of my MBA was no different. The mornings were spent in the classroom and the afternoons in the canteen, sipping hot cups of ginger and masala tea. I clearly remember, that spilled tea on our important project note, those moments when we had our arguments on projects and joyances upon scoring good marks, which we celebrated first by having our cups of tea. “Bore ho raha hain, chal chai peke aate hain“, used to be our staple line when we had nothing, yet everything to do during the post graduation.
Even today, sitting on my desk, glued to the computer screen, Tea still is the silent witness to all that is going on my mind. For that fresh idea to come flying across, for that important review meeting or for that matter, some important grapevine to be shared. There are numerous times when I along with my colleague would venture out towards that tea stall behind my office premises and simply enjoy the tea, in all silence. Sometimes, I along with my team would gang up at the canteen floor, holding the tea cups in our hand and chatting like we used to in our college days.
So here’s raising a toast to all my dear friends, with our hands up in the air, holding that glass of tea, with all smiles and creating some good memories.

This post has been written in association with Chaayos & Blogchatter on occasion of Friendship Day