About the author– Karan Shah is a corporate lawyer and a freelance writer. A poet at heart, all his writings have a beautiful rhythm and rhyme, even the most prosaic ones. Co-editor of the college magazine, scribble is his blog where he makes the arguments he usually can’t make in Court. If not seen arguing at either of the places, often trekking and travelling, exploring new places.He is from a small valley town of Roha in western Maharashtra and currently he stays in Mumbai.
On the jacket- Some of us put up a brave fight and try and live life on our own terms, while sadly the majority resigns to the fact that they have to accept whatever life throws at them and keep moving. Here author attempts to dissect human lifetrying to reason that even if people have to accept the fate it has to be with dignity and not with a sense of defeat.
Review- We all have some ideal characteristics that define us. It is these characteristics that take us long in this journey of life. But, there comes a time when our ideals, our characteristic is put to test by the life’s various challenges and situations. It is our behaviour during the distressed time, that truly define us. This behaviour stems from the ideal characteristics that define us. The book ‘Human Being’ details those very characteristics in present life situations.
So characteristics such as ‘Acceptance’, ‘Boastful’, ‘Insouciant’, ‘Nonjudgmental’, ‘Quaint’ and many more which we at most times fail to exercise, the author brings them to limelight. The author uses short stories to explain the importance of such characteristics and in a way brings them to life which had been left far behind in this journey of life.
The author rightly puts the need for being human not by words, but by character. 
Overall: I would recommend everyone to read this wonderful and place it as a guide for being a better human being.
Ratings- 4/5*