About the author- Chandni Moudgil is a working mother trying to attain the nonexistent professional and personal balance. She took up blogging as a means to build her life in the third dimension. As she marches on to create something that she terms as ‘Digital identity’,she’s found her first book along the journey. Open to criticism or conversations albeit over coffee, you can find her tweeting about her LifeInTechnicolour or blogging about everything under the sun at her alternate reality space.

On the jacket- Every Day Stories about some extra ordinary women. A bored housewife plans the perfect escape, an ambitious top performer gets double crossed by life, a young girl harbours a secret that’s eating her up inside. Turn the pages to discover the world of Everyday Women and don’t be surprised if you see someone you know in there.

Review- Got Me For Life is a collection of 26 short stories where the protagonist is a woman in each story. Women play an important part in our lives and the small things which they do rarely gets noticed. Along with that, her dreams, her aspirations, her wishes also gets suppressed in the male dominated society. However, the author through her stories has brought back the dreams, the aspirations, the wishes of thousand’s of women. Stories such as Beauty With Purpose’, ‘Dreams’, ‘Half Past Thirty Five’ Isn’t It Ironic’ and many others bring out the hidden pain and hidden wishes which dwells within a woman.

While reading the book, it felt as if the author has lived through some of the situations, if not all while penning the stories. Or as it is said on the jacket, ‘dont be surprised if you see someone you know in  there’. The stories took me through the realities of life and the way we as human beings mold ourselves accordingly. Some of the stories are so simple yet hard hitting whereas some of the stories will make you think.

Overall: I enjoyed reading the book ‘Got Me For Life’ for the wonderful stories which it has in store. I would recommend this book to each and everyone who loves reading.

Ratings: 4/5*