About the author- Nivedita N, a Hyderabadi has taken the yatra called poerty in 2007. He journey along with walks with poetry books include conversations with her muses over cups of chai or sitting near the Hussain Sagar Lake and a rendezvous with thehistorical figures. She currently resides in Milwaukee where she meets her muses over Caramel Coffee during Spring and Fall and hiberantes during Midwestern winters.
On the jacket- This book is a collection of the poems that have been read in poetry groups. Blame the group members if you find these ramblings nonsensical. Written in her journal, the poems are sign posts along the journey called ‘everyday’. This is an attempt to recapture the thoughts over a period of the years she lived away from home yet moved closer to it.

Review: Poems are a way to express the inner most feelings and bring out those feelings and emotions like an aroma of a freshly brewed coffee. In the book ‘Aerogramme and other Poems’, the author Nivedita N, has brought out such feelings and emotions through some wonderful poems. The feeling after reading the poems stays for a time and this shows how the choice of words and writing has an affect on the reader. Poems such as ‘We Never Knew’ and ‘The Refugee’ made me nostalgic, remembering the old days whereas ‘Two Cane Chairs’ and ‘Aerogramme’ hit me hard. 

Overall: I would recommend Aerogramme and other Poems to each and every aspiring poet and also readers in general. This breezy poetry book will have a lingering effect once you have finished reading it.

Ratings: 4/5*