Half year is still left for the 2016 to come to an end and the first half has just gone by. Over the years of my blogging journey, I have never used it as a means to do some rant over any subject, but for the first time I feel compelled to do so. 

Many of us go through life’s trials and tribulations, setbacks and try working on them and bring lives back to normalcy, back to how it used to be. My life is going through something of that sort. Not many people know about it, apart from the close few. For past few years things have been not so good, not as I would have wished for, but it is. This has given a rise to many pent up emotions in me, which at times becomes difficult for me to express, to share. Hence, I am writing it through this poem, expressing about a few beautiful moments which I seek and cherish for life. 

Through this ongoing period of distress, I have come to know a lot more about relationships, values, trust and lot more on how people’s behaviour change in times of distress. 

So here is a poem which I have penned with a heavy heart and a small thank you to the Almighty for bringing the little bundle of happiness in my life.

Elsewhere, the landscape is full of difficulties
Trespassing with bad news
Keeping me on tenterhooks
Sitting calmly like ballooning grey clouds

The present seems to be running in a tunnel
Darkness looming all around
I offer my orison for a light  
That seemed ages ago

The mask of courage slips off
Lips simply fail to meet the counterpart
With life’s problems tasseled and hanging precariously
As I worry to sleep

But one moment devoted to playing with the kiddo
And life is worth living for the happiness
Given by the naive to the sophisticated

During that time worries sleeps between
The funny antics of mine
As orient me hit by the smiling air

With a strange trance
It spreads its cage
Giving a fillip to fight on
Without imprisoning me to fear

One moment devoted to playing with the kiddo

This post is written for Blogchatter’s initiative #HalfTime2016 for the Blogbuddy members where I am a part of the group #Blogwiz