All he had was three things: A dragon tattoo, a black spectacle, a silver trinklet.
All she had was two things: Moustache, Checkered shirt
The music was loud and the lights were dim. The dance floor was occupied and cramped for space. 
She was sitting on the bar stool, at the bar, sipping her drink while her eyes kept scanning for two things.
He entered the pub and stood silently at one of the corners, his eyes scanning for the required details. Having a rich experience, he quickly took a glance at the bar. He found the three things for what he was looking for. With a smile, he took to the dance floor.
Convinced, he walked towards the bar at the bar stool and placed a small gun at the back of her head.
Immediately, with a swift of her right hand, she injected the vial on his right thigh before he could pull the trigger.
Moustache- Checked, Checkered Shirt- Checked
But, what was not checked was their relationship as Husband and Wife, as the assassin in her took over her soul.

This post is written for Half Marathon Blogging Challenge with Blogchatter for Day 6.