Author: Urmila Deshpande
Published by: Frog Books
ISBN: 978-93-52015-79-5
Genre: Fiction
Price: INR 180
No. of pages: 147

On the jacket: Her real parents were dead by the time she was five years old. Her grandfather said she was cursed. Raised by adoptive parents, Ananya became a swan from an ugly duckling, with the help of her mother.

Then suddenly one day, she finds herself going through a transformation. What follows is a series of mysterious incidents, a strong force of destiny, propelling her towards the unknown, something that is beyond logic or reasoning.

In this journey towards light, she meets people who intorduce her to the loving devine energy and also the dark energy of the devil.

Ananya, an intelligent, logical young girl, finds herself on the verge of insanity. She cannot understand these mysterious forces. Is the divine pouring her love on her or is it her mind which playing tricks at the behest of the devil?

Review: I choose to pick up this book after finding the blurb interesting and different from some of the books that I have come across. Initially, the story hold me through, as I simply kept on turning the pages with more eagerness to what will happen next. To start with, I found the story intriguing as I was eager to know what the story will lead to. And finally, I came to know the story is about reincarnation, life cycles, chakra and all things which most of us do not believe into.

I decided to give it a read at one go. I found the first person narration helping me to understand better from each and everyone’s perspective about the story, about the life of Ananya and what is it that is troubling her so much. After flipping the pages, the author lets us to the another world, the world of astrology, chakra etc. The author tells us that there are some things, some solutions to inner problems which only can be cured with the help of occult sciences. 

To some extent, the author has done a fair job in explaining it to the readers. I went with the flow, as the narration style and the plot kept me hooked. I felt that a thorough research has been done on this subject. But, somewhere it became an information overdose for me. I felt it too repetitive to my understanding with respect to the story. But, that is fine as long as the book kept me entertained.

I did not find any proof reading errors as such and the writing style is pretty simple for everyone to understand the story.

Overall: I would suggest to pick ‘Ananya- A Journey Towards Light’ for it brings to the table a fresh story told in a different perspective. So grab your copy now!

Ratings: 3/5*