Girls and dresses go back a long way! A must-have in the diverse wardrobe of a woman, dresses are available in a multitude of designs and prints. It’s that time of the year, when you heavily depend upon your dresses for cool and easy summer looks. You’d be aware of the different styles of dresses that keep doing the rounds; skater dresses, a-line dresses, maxis and bodycons to name a few, are popular choices. Taking a break from the conventional, let’s tap the versatility of the unique dress. The dress is not a standalone fashion staple anymore; there is a lot more you can do with it. Read further and discover how to ‘dress’ like you’ve never dressed before!

1.  Doing the split

Your nice long dresses can turn your world around this season, for the better! Wrap the sides of your dress around your waist in such a way that it creates a natural split; pair this exceptional DIY dress with your superb palazzos and feel the magic of this ensemble take hold of you. Your lowers won’t be deprived of the spotlight as they will be shown off to the maximum.

2. Coming clean with jeans
Soft cottons in the summer feel pleasurable against the skin. Choose a maxi shirt-dress that is slightly ruffled at the waist and is designed to drape your frame fairly loosely. Match this glorious dress with a pair of nifty boyfriend jeans and you will be enamored with this effortless style in no time. Nail this look in smartly strapped sandals and feel the love!
3. Layered on top
This style will give you a wonderful insight into how you to turn plain-old office shirts into enviable dresses. Yes, you heard right! Throw on a well-designed, sleeveless blazer over a smart semi-casual tunic and set out for the workplace in a self-assured pair of oxfords. We’d advise you to wear stockings beneath this bold dress-style, so that you can convey subtle tones of sensuality while keeping it cool during work hours.

4. Embracing the alluring lace top
Your dresses can do pretty well by themselves most of the times; but with a little help from friends you’d be sure to add a fantastic layer to the conventional dress. The market is flooded with interesting crocheted and lacy tops. Ever thought of trying an interesting mix and match? It’s child’s play. Pick a straight, short dress to go with your sweet crochet top and embrace the lovable tomboy in you.

5. The all-in-one
A conceptualized dress that embodies the best of everything is definitely desirable; but is it really feasible! It turns out that the crazy, hybrid dress does exist. This creation is a three-layered wonder that is clinched at the waist, and summarizes the best of womenswear. Top a curvaceous slip-dress with a diaphanous shirt dress; casually include a light shirt as an ingenious third layer and put on a belt as the ultimate master-stroke!

About the Author

Mallika Chakrawarti is a designer, writer, and travel enthusiast. She is currently working with as a writer and is passionately involved in curating and forecasting fashion trends.

All image courtesy: Pinterest