Women alone don’t reserve the right to wearing some exclusive trinkets. We’d like the men to wear some shine on their sleeves too! I’m sure it would be rather liberating for men to try their hand at exquisite jewelry pieces, and take a break from the conventional norms of clothing. Bracelets, charms, pendants, ear cuffs, and a whole deal more! There is a whole lot of bling awaiting the enthusiastic, fashion-loving man. Reinvent your routine overalls by throwing in a bracelet or two. In a while, you’ll discover that jewelry and men aren’t two separate entities at all! Read on-

1. One for the finger and one for the wrist

Take coordinated jewelry to the next level and settle for nothing less than subdued sophistication.  Choose gold to match your swagger and this simple, yet priceless trend will make your everyday office suits look pretty exclusive. Single-chained bracelets studded with shimmery stones are your best bet; team these with a single band ring for a chic statement.

2. Holler for the collar!

You can latch on some sweet accessories onto your collar, and completely revolutionize your corporate shirts or party shirts. Whoever married the no-nonsense corporate shirt to a tough-looking hatch ring is a genius! We would ask you to look nowhere else, and get one on the double! Getting ready for the club entails getting your shiny formal shoes out of the closet apart from an interesting part-wear shirt. Top the ends of the collar with expensive and detailed collar accessories. Wear jewelry that speaks of refinement and endless class.

Does this one speak? I think it definitely does.

3. Double up on the watch

Watches are a powerful symbol of masculinity. Men rarely go out anywhere without sporting their signature watches. But have you realized that your watch-hand go do with some add-on jewelry. You can cut a suave figure, by trying on beaded bracelets that will be sure to lend a great finish to that sleek watch. Beads and charms are bound to appeal to your mysterious side, and will impart an air of charm to your persona.

4. The Key

Image Courtesy: Jabong.com

Lockets and pendants are not new to the male jewelry collection. For an absolute grunge or hippie touch, you can opt for some trendy neckpieces designed with trippy keys to look effortlessly cool. These neck pieces are available in various styles; you can wear them layered and match them with your casual, deep-v shirts. The key-trinket is definitely a must-have for your casual wardrobe. 

5. Dudes with brooch

Brooches are the stylish, sleek and are the most effective accessories that you could incorporate in your party-wear shirts and corporate blazers. The Gucci fall 2016 collection indicates a definite nod towards bold brooches. The stylish chained brooch lends a fine balance to the blazer-shirt look. Choose your brooches in unconventional designs to suit your style statement. You could also opt for a chic, angular brooch that can be clipped on easily to your pocket.

Let your masculinity shine through the accessories you sport! 

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Mallika Chakrawarti is a designer, writer, and travel enthusiast. She is currently working with Jabong.com as a writer and is passionately involved in curating and forecasting fashion trends.

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