Winds – The leaves started to inhale deeply, fluttering in happiness and swayed showcasing the merry face. Just beneath the leaves, near the huge and heavy trunk of the trees were the army of ants. Suddenly all of them squeezed into a tiny hole underneath the tree and heaved a sigh of relief.

Change – Far across on a busy street lay a beggar resting his back on the walls of a huge commercial complex. Being a weekday evening time, he saw many feet walking pass him without even acknowledging his presence. Barely having anything to eat, his heart was already tired of crying and moaning alone in silence. Just then a person came from inside the building, took the man along with him, inside the huge cafeteria of the company and offered him a cup of tea with biscuits along with a job of a security guard.

Image & Perception – Faraway in a rickety room of a rickety building a couple made love. He to quench his thirst, she to meet the expenses of sending her child to school. A few days later the child was offered a scholarship. She now sells vegetables at a market and enjoys a comfortable living away from that rickety room and building into a whole new world of happiness.

On the day, someone thought of waving some wand of sorts by blowing some cool breeze thereby being an agent of change. 

So who am I?
I am an agent of change. 

Sometimes for the good, sometimes for the better.

Sometimes for the betterment of someone while sometimes not.

Change is constant. Change is always across or in front of us. Sometimes we are the direct recipient of it, sometimes not. Sometimes we don’t even realize that somethings around us are about to change or rather have changed. So whatever it is, be ready to accept change. You never know when and who can be your agent of change!

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