For those who haven’t come across the term Bibliophile; it means to denote a person who has a great love for books. Somewhere deep down, avid readers can completely relate to being called bibliophiles. Our deep seated love for books and their ubiquitous presence in our lives makes us what we are today! We may be referred to as nerds, but most of us know how to balance the brains with ample beauty. So, cherish your love for the written word, and let your attire do all the talking! Shop online or from exciting markets for all these fab edits and more.  

1.       The jean-clad bibliophile!

We love to carry a big bag that can accommodate our little knick-knacks, and most importantly our precious books. So Grab a roomy tote bag, put on a loose interesting shirt; maybe smattered with some subtle embroidery and slip into your faithful jeans for the all-time go-to look of a cute girl. Let your hair down, keep the accessories minimal and exude great confidence.

2.       The flirty-skirt look!

Who says that bibliophiles have to mandatorily stick to the plain old? There is an impression that we can never get rid of our nerdy specs! While that might be true, I can also vouch for the fact that there are many ways in which we could innovate and wear ditsy skirts to make an impression!

3.       Never change my stripes!

Wearing stripes is a matter of pride! Like a leopard never changes its stripes, you can stick to your stripes too. Flaunt the smart color combinations; highlight your appearance with a pair of round nerd- chic framed glasses. Add a cute peter pan collar to your striped shirt, team it up with high-waist jeans and look effortlessly cool.

4.   Slide on some skater dresses!

 Feel flouncy and light in your interesting plaid skater dresses, round this off with lethal, ankle-length stilettoes, and make a daring debut as a bibliophile if you haven’t already! Let your hair down and fall in love with your books all over again!

5.       Unapologetically ‘me’!

When the pleasures of life become intermittently to books, you become carefree and fancy-free! Let your easy-going look speak for itself, and add your boyfriend jeans to your bibliophile wardrobe. Whip out your checkered shirt yet again, combine it with an irresistible pair of boyfriend jeans, and strut around in your spotless white sneakers to make quite an impression!

So go right ahead and assert your remarkable bibliophile profile wherever you go!
*All images courtesy pinterest.

About the Author

Mallika Chakrawarti is a designer, writer, and travel enthusiast. She is currently working with as a writer and is passionately involved in curating and forecasting fashion trends.