In the sixth year of our blissful marriage, I think I could not have asked more from life and God himself. Two beautiful people for whom I wake up to; the kiddo and the big kiddo. The reference to big kiddo here is my hubby but let me tell you there is not a slightest hint of a kiddo in him. He is all too much of rules, manners and etiquette. How I manage him with all my foolishness, brazenness and of course wickedness, is a different story altogether. But I guess I am on the path of success. I can now see him mellowing down on rules and blending happily with all my gibberish talks and acts. (Victory Dance)

This didn’t come overnight. In the past five years, we have had our share of pizzas, some too sweet, some too hot to handle and some on the verge of ‘I am sleeping in the living room.’ But all’s well that ends well.

However, having said the above, I think I can definitely push my hubby for something more from him, if not from life and God. So here are a few of the kasams (vows) which I would like him to take and fulfill them.

Love, Promise

1) First crush is always first no matter what. So I would like him to understand that and allow me to watch all SRK movies. Moreover, even come along with me to the theater and watch the movie, learn some dancing and wooing styles from SRK and implement them. No need to tell on whom. (PS: I really loved watching Happy New Year) 

2) Take me to that roadside paani-puri wala and let me devour a complete set of 6 paani-puris once a month. 

3) You will not raise your brows and stare at me when I start singing pathetic of the lyrics loudly at home. (PS: I love singing almost all songs, but my current favorite is ‘Tu Kheech Meri Photo’)

4) You will be a sport, accompany me and the kiddo in dancing like no one is watching and dance till your legs ache along with us.

5)  Listen to whatever I have to say without reacting and stopping me in between although I know that most of the times it won’t make any sense to you. But please.

The list can go on and on but here I am being generous. I know how difficult all the above kasams are for you to fulfill, but baby, as they say ‘Little things matter much.’ And let me tell you, by obliging on the above kasams you will definitely be #SadaSexy just as me. (wink)

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