It is the time of the year when the sea of bloggers will put their best and blog for the things that they love to write, all through the month of April. Yes, the annual AtoZ blogging challenge is back and I have enthusiastically signed up for the same. 

Although, I was a part of this challenge a couple of years ago but unfortunately had to opt out of the challenge. During that time, I could see bloggers whining about the sheer pressure to produce posts day in and out, that too without compromising on the quality. ‘Fatigue’ and ‘lack of creative ideas’ were the most discussed words during that time and I am sure even this time those two will be the most discussed and cursed words.

So to avoid going that lane, I have chosen to write what bests suits me. Some of you who know me will have a better idea of what I am going to blog during this challenge. Others who don’t, kindly be assured that whatever I am going to write, it will be straight from my heart. 

One important tip that I as a blogger would like to share with you is that, whatever be the circumstances just avoid to quit the challenge. Even though you have missed a couple of days, come back to where you have left and continue writing. This will ensure that you build a discipline around yourself and strive to continue it all through the month of April.

So what about you? Don’t wait now and take up the AtoZ Challenge by signing up here.

Good luck to those who are participating in this challenge and see you around with wonderful posts!

I am staking claim to AtoZ challenge with the Blogchatter community.