Parenting is always a difficult task and when you are a parent to a toddler who is just a year and a few months old, it becomes all the more difficult. Within a year, you will need to start understanding the likes and dislikes, especially when it comes to food. I’ve been literally running after the brat with a spoonful of food in my hand but to no avail. The brat simply refuses to have any meal unless he is damn hungry and starts growling as if something has happened to him. 

However, I did found out a simple way out to ensure he eats on time and without much of an effort from my side. I discovered ChuChu TV – a Youtube channel which has some fantastic rhymes and songs for the children and thankfully even the brat approves by eating (with a lesser effort from my side and less stress on my forehead now), listening and dancing to the tunes. Moreover, ChuChu TV has always helped me when the brat is in the mood to be cranky and the rhymes instantly cheers up him up.

So here is a list of 4 rhymes that brightens up the brat’s mood and so does mine.

1) Nursery Rhymes Party Mashup Mix

Yes, don’t keep blinking your eyes after reading the above and especially the words ‘Party’ and ‘Mashup’, after all who doesn’t like to party!! The brat definitely does and the primary reason being the fast and the peppy tune that keeps the brat engaged while I quickly push down few spoonfuls of food down his throat. 

Have a look at the video and I am sure even you as a parent will fall in love with the melody.

2) Wheels On The Bus Go Round & Round Song

Another rhyme which the brat has recently started adoring is the Wheels On The Bus. In just a month’s time, he must have watched this video innumerable times and it has resulted in him performing some sort of an action while the same action gets displayed on the video. ChuChu TV has definitely mastered the art of indulging the kids with interactive ways and I can definitely see a positive impact on my brat’s learning and understanding. 

Here is the video on how this rhyme is educating and entertaining at the same time.

3) Color Songs 

The color songs are the ones which I have started showing to the brat recently. He enjoys these songs but have started a liking for the ‘Yellow’ color song offlate. The one interesting thing the brat has started doing after watching these color songs is started wearing the over-size spectacles of mine whenever he sees them lying idle or sitting on my nose. Thus, an epic facepalm moment for me but nevertheless, I am loving it. 😀 

The Yellow Color Song

4) ChuChu TV Surprise series

The another good thing which ChuChu TV has done is coming up with the Surprise series of videos where they give a perfect learning option for the kids. They have many videos in these series and the brat usually adores the Surprise Eggs Wildlife Toys among the others. Upon watching these videos, he has started to clap as soon as he sees the kids clapping in the video and insists that the ones surrounding him clap too! This clearly shows that ChuChu TV knows how to keep the engagement with the children in all the videos creatively developed by them.

Surprise Eggs Wildlife Toys

So if you are a parent, then don’t rob the kids of such cute, inspiring, entertaining and learning video series. Trust me, ChuChu TV will definitely be an another teacher for your kids which the kids will definitely adore. In fact, the brat now wants to listen and watch these videos all the day long and throws up when I refuse. Such is the positive impact of ChuChu TV on the brat. So simply without wasting any time, head to their YouTube Channel and check out these rhymes and songs.