There is every possible reason that you might have suffered a lot due to your wrong choice of moving into a rental house in Chennaiwith a horrible roommate. It might also be the case that you have been lucky enough to share the apartment with your best friend. What can be better than this? Don’t you think so? Perhaps moving in with your best friend or staying with one already is one of the most pleasant experiences of life.

Your best friend is the one individual who knows every small thing about you and have seen the bad and the good in you. He or she the person who has knowledge of all your secrets and don’t judge you with your attitude or behavior. Infact the same goes from your end as well as you know every little secret about your best friend. You both share a great bond and deep understanding for each other. This makes your living together in that house for rent comfortable and peaceful.

There are certain things that can happen when you are sharing your apartment with your best friend. Let us find out what are those?

                 1.     You both can comfortably share your clothes without any ego problems. But you both                           need  to be of similar body structure.

2.   All your things starting from make-up, books, perfume, food etc is communal except for your boyfriends.

3.   Your friends and family treat you like one unit. If you are invited for any social gathering, there is no question of not inviting her. The same goes for her family and friends as well.

4.   You two have your unique style of communicating through sign languages or gestures that others cannot even imagine.

5.  You two are always there for each other in joy and sorrow and support each other emotionally more than physically.

6.   You both don’t seem to be hesitant in case there is any issue with the financial matters. It might happen that your best friend cum roommate pays the rental pay entirely for a month. Your best friend understands your problems and thus doesn’t mind you to help you.

7.   You both go for shopping together and act as each other’s fashion consultant as well. You both are always honest about each other and what suits accordingly.

8.   Since you both are best friends there is no scope of any conflicts and arguments and even if there is any you both try to solve it without delay. No one acts as the boss.

9.   When either of you is ill, the other will definitely take care just like mothers take care of their children.

10. There is no embarrassing situation between the both of you since you both know everything about each other and there is nothing to hide as well.

    These are some of the common things that are bound to happen when you are sharing the rental apartment or flat in Chennai with your best friend. Move in today with your best friend!

    Shanaya Mehta is a self-driven freelance writer passionate about life and work, seeking freelancing writing assignments, she reads and writes on emerging and evolving trends on technology, politics and real estate insights. Besides those professional tactics, she is fond of swimming, cooking and trekking.