“We had a LIFE and it was ROCKING”, he said to his pal sitting on the bar stool and stared at his drink. He continued after a while, “Until we had a baby” and gulped the remaining of the drink, bottoms up, with a look bordering between satisfaction and discontentment.

“Welcome to the SS club, mate!” His friend patted on his back as he whispered into his ears.

Hearing the word SS, he went into hibernation, time traveled a year and a half ago to times when SS meant two things in his life, “Super sex and Shopper’s Stop.” Yes, don’t blink your eyes a zillion times as if you are reading a language which only aliens can understand. Such were the times when life seemed rainbow everywhere. Rainbows of love, of feelings, of senses, of emotions and, but obviously of shopping and sex.

It was the most romantic part of my life post marriage. Yes, to have a life that is romantic post marriage is an achievement of a sort. All of us have a rocking life during courtship, but blessed are those who carry the same wavelength and match with the same frequency post courtship, after marriage. 

The times of long romantic drives with soulful music, sprouted emotions within us which bubbled to develop into an umbrella of care, honesty, giving, support and understanding. The long evening walk on the beaches with mischievous wind playing with her luscious hair that tickled at the most erogenous places still defines those long evening walks and why people love them, including me.The thrill of buying clothes for each other, especially on a sale date at Shopper’s Stop, (we are together because we bumped into each other with hands full of Shopper’s Stop carry bags and love at first sight beckoned) sometimes together, sometimes alone and then seeing each of us wear those clothes on special occasions gave a high that no drink in the world probably can. 

All of the above things, 9 out of 10 times, lead to a decorated night where passion overflows like a sedated chord, which stems from an ever blossoming nectar of love and culminates into a session of Super Sex.

His pal saw a contented smile adorning his face when he was mercilessly brought back to reality by him. “People don’t even allow you to sit in peace and remember the happy times”, he murmured to himself and gave his pal a drab look and continued with the comparison.

Life changes for the better, it is said. It actually did when the little one was placed in my hands, beautifully asleep. The first few weeks, usually went by with people surrounding the little one, giving unwanted suggestions and eventually leaves when the baby wakes up to a wail. You don’t mind uttering cuss words to those inhuman relatives and family members. You constantly keep on checking to ensure that the baby is alright and any needs is catered to, obviously by the little one’s mother.


But what about my needs, your needs? What about our needs? What about the needs of our bodies? Who will take care of it? Such burning questions with sadly no one to answer, except the situation. The situations more often than not is created by the baby who rolls eyes at the plans that you make for yourselves and take over your life. Even if, the baby chooses to be a little generous and gives a free minute or two, there are other monsters (read mother-in-law as defined by the missus) who will grab that time or you will be unceremoniously asked to take a nap by the mother of the baby and also allow the mother to take some rest.

Rest? Don’t you know that sex is the best exercise which you strongly advocated for, when I came home late, tired and required nothing but some rest and sound sleep? 

Finally, you tend to abide by your missus, and go to sleep as soon as the baby sleeps. As you all know, she is always right and you are left wondering whatever happened to sex.

Although the other rainbows still exist, however, it has never ballooned to manifest into what is called as casual flirting, which sometimes is healthy for a steady relationship. Sensing an opportunity, my imaginations usually run wild and create havoc for a few seconds until she snaps her fingers across and brings me back to reality, asking to ‘look’ at the baby as she takes a loo break. Even if the casual flirting does balloon, it is brusquely crushed with a harsh ‘Not Now’ and you are left with a baby occupying the space between you and the missus, sharing the bed with an evil grin.

A continuous ping on his mobile phone took his attention as he traveled his journey from Super Sex to Sacrifice Sex. There were a string of welcome messages on a new Whatsapp group called as ‘The SS group’. He whined and left the place.