So you have taken a step ahead or rather leapfrogged from being a momma’s boy to your wife’s pet. No? Are you sure? Think twice. Still your answer is no? Ok then, answer this question. 

‘How many times you have let her take the control of TV remote while your favorite sport is going on?’ You don’t want to spend another half an hour in cajoling her, instead you take the easy route, go solo on Hotstar. That’s what a smart husband would do. Correct? 

Well, I am joking. You think she won’t snuggle up to you and quip some hushed words just to distract you and take charge everything electronic until you watch with her, her favorite daily soap?

Sadly that’s the truth in most of the ‘once upon a time romantic couple’ now-a-days. Sometimes this can actually lead to an argument, accusations, labeling and flying of words loosely. Every couple has their ups and downs. That’s the part and parcel of married life. 
However, there are couples whom you would like to emulate, envy and share the sort of unbelievable rapport that they possess internally with their partner. If you are one who envy such couples, then your doctor is here with the remedies. Also, if you don’t belong to this category, read the remedies and do give your opinions on the same, as sharing is caring.

So here are the five secrets to a successful marriage.

1) Never flatly refuse or disagree – We live in the world where we need instant gratification. This gratification comes from the choice of words we use to communicate things. When asked, ‘Baby, which destination are we planning to visit this year? I think Maldives will be a good idea, what’s say?” If you have other destination in mind, you can reply, “Baby, Maldives is a nice place but I was wondering about Pondicherry.” Eventually, 8 out of 10 times most of the couples will trip to Goa with the mantra, “Think Global, Act Local.” 

By doing this, you not only give her the chance to ponder on other options but also it saves you from doing all the thinking and planning. 

2) Never ever ever ever (Sorry for going into Arnab Goswami mode) say anything about any of her family members. In other words, keep shut when it comes to your in-laws. 

We all have opinions on variety of subjects. But, when it comes to opinions on her family members, it is advisable to embrace silence. This goes to her extended family members also. How much convinced you are about your opinion, keep silent unless you are not asked to speak upon that subject. Else, you may see Maa Durga dressed as your wife, which I hope you would not want to see ever.

3) At times, be diplomatic – A time may come when you are at crossroads. You answer in affirmative, deep sea is awaiting you. You answer in negative, a valley is awaiting you. Both of which will ensure you don’t have a peaceful night’s sleep. Being diplomatic won’t come at ease. It will take time and a dogged perseverance for those who who are quite spontaneous. 

So you are enjoying a nice dinner at home and comment about a couple of dishes, one you adored and in other one, your taste buds found a minor fault. Animatedly you tell this to your wife and mother. Rest, I leave for your imagination.

4) Always compliment her – Women like listening to compliments on anything they do; their clothing style, their behavior, their looks, their work, their cooking etc. Also, a compliment along with a gift would work wonders. Complimenting your wife goes a long way in seeking happiness. Moreover who would not like to see a smile on such a beautiful face! So go complimenting your wife even on a mundane day. A compliment a day keeps fights away.

5) Listen to her – Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, pay sharp attention to what she has to say. It is highly risky to not listen to her. Always pay a keen attention to her grouses, what’s making her sad, unhappy or nervous and try comforting her. Listening to her ramblings will not only make her heart light but will also show how caring you are, thereby increasing the bond between the couple. Trust me, at most times, she will make sense. Or at least at the end of the day, you may have a decent laugh over it.

So try and implement the above five secrets into your marriage and see the wonders it does for the good.

Important tip: Apart from the above, to lead a successful marriage, you need to say sorry, compromise, keep expectations low and more importantly fall in love with your partner over and over and over again.

PS: I know I have touched a very debatable topic but please don’t show intolerance to this post. If you have any objections to any of the above lines, kindly read it again. Also, to all the women out there reading this post, I with folded hands request you to please vouch on the above five points and more. I am sure you agree with them. 

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