Disclaimer: This post is intended for audience above 25 years of age.

It is said that in life even if you have a single friend whom you can trust blindly then your life’s problem has already been diminished by half. That friend will listen to you, chide you and guide you when you are wrong and most importantly won’t judge your choices and will respect your decisions. But come what may, will always stand by the bond of Friendship.

Plenty of things were going in my friend’s life. His freelance writing career was going no where, he had some responsibilities to handle too and importantly was going through some rough phase with his girl-friend. I always tried to motivate him, gave him few contacts which did materialized into opportunities for his freelancing career and also sought to have a small conversation with both of them, him and his girl-friend. But that didn’t happen. On the contrary, I found him even more depressed. So I thought, the next best thing to do is have a small party with bunch of friends and try to cheer him up. 

I surprised him by throwing a party at my place. With some long lost friends, we hit it off instantly. I saw him in his usual self, carefree, joking and laughing. That sight gave me a relief and urged me to share a hug with him. I did it instantly and then the remaining of our friends just pounded on us in a group hug. We drank but in limits as we all had agreed to celebrate responsibly, shared some past memories and passed out.


That night I saw him in his most happiest frame since past few months. 

The following days I simply kept on prodding him the problem area and asked the reason for his worrisome face and behaviour. I knew something was amiss between him and his girl-friend. So after my continuous prodding, one day he asked me to come over to his place.

I went to his place and to my surprise I found his room covered with poster size pictures of him and his girl-friend, showcasing how they grew in their relationship. One of the picture caught my sight for a long, as I found him without a tinge of smile on his face whereas his girl-friend was smiling, like in other pictures.

I turned around to find him in shambles, tears rolling down his cheeks and before I could even understand he was wailing. I tried to somehow calm him down, hugged him till he had cried his heart out and didn’t separate. Suddenly he whispered, ‘She has only few days left before she..’ and started crying again. I understood what he meant and hugged him as tight as I could.    

Days flew with the two of us being together most of the time. I realized only time can allow him to come back from this jolt. One day, after almost six months, he came to me without any prior notice. I was pleasantly surprised to see him. But that was just the start. As soon as I welcomed him, he gave me a crushing hug and thanked me for being there in his worst time ever. Post which he gifted me a book written by him. Yes, him! I was left open mouth for a minute before he brought me back to my senses. Once again he did share a hug with me and asked me to check the acknowledgement. I did and it was all about me. I was floored. The book about his relationship with his girl-friend soon became a bestseller and we celebrated at his home. Just the two of us. 

For once, both of us cried. I cried for our friendship and he cried for his relationships with his girl-friend and with me. “Yeh, dosti kabhi nahi tootegi”, I said to myself.