Well, confession is not that easy. That is what I have actually heard and in fact that is true too. 

“Confessions act like a broom, sweeps all the dirt and leaves a brighter road ahead.”

But what if I had to confess – “small things” to someone to whom I am in love with, to whom I have willfully agreed to spend the rest of my life with (including petty fights to quarrels to not talking at some point), to whom I am the best thing ever happened after her Dad, to whom I am the cynosure of her eye, to whom I am legally married to and a father of a doting kiddo? 
Sounds a Himalayan task, right? Probably more difficult then confessing to a crime – you get a whack at your behind and you probably confess; but getting kisses doesn’t lead you to confess your love. Does it? I hope you got the point.
So now what happens to the above quote? It completely makes a mess of the confession that I am about to share. But then, as a writer you need to improvise every now and then and let the creativity flow. So I decided to play with the words…

“Kisses acts like a broom, sweeps all the dirt and leaves a feel good feeling.”

This quote somewhat makes sense but not completely as it doesn’t lead to the confession about how much I love. 
So when quotes aren’t enough, the second-best thing to do is write a poem. So here I go with a Himalayan task, a smile on my face as I recollect those days of our courtship. 
Note: Whoever thinks this is easy, has not tried baby sitting. It is highly easy to baby sit then to write a confession poem that too on Love for your better half. One mistake and you will be dead. Mind it!


On the count of 3, 2, 1…

The day, I had my eyes still on you
It still does today upon your sight
The radiance, the poise, the hue
Your presence is my eye’s delight

The widening of the your lips
Highlighting your plump cheeks
Which I still pull till you quip
Is what my heart always seeks

The first rush of blood
The kisses that flooded our souls
All etched in thy heart’s canvas would
Get evoked every time as thy heart cajoles

Always on cue
Without even my uttering a word
Your another hue
Is what amuses me and leaves my heart recolored

Those exchanges of daring messages
That sharing of adventurous selfies
Is what made my home-alone abuzz
A perfect for hearts’ therapies

O! How could I forget !
The main reason for a ‘yes’
The naughty yet lustrous and drool-worthy asset
Disheveled, kept, coiffured, I obsess

Even we had our fair share of pizzas
The four aligning with you, rest with me
Understanding created a fuzz
But we sealed it with a kissing spree

That’s how I as a partner prefer
Melting into each other’s arms
Calming our nerves to blur
The fight, and rising to the lover’s charm

There can still be a fallacy
Resulting into a sore
But I confess I would not flee
And not let the love to the door
Phew! That was one of a confession…. till death do us apart, until the bond, the feelings and emotions, the mutual respect, the support, the romance and Love will always be seeing the sunshine.  

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