We all love babies, especially if its our own. Right from day one we start pampering the baby and do things which according to us might be good for the baby. Moreover, as a parent, I think there may be innumerable times when we must have doubted whether it is good for the baby or not. Trust me, I had many days simply arguing what’s best for the baby and what is not. 
So eventually after a year’s experience in baby sitting (on Sundays) and with a crash course on changing the diapers, I now know at least five tips which will keep and prolong the softness of your baby skin.
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1) Keep your baby away from sunlight – Protect your baby from sunlight as much as you can especially till initial six months. Exposing them to direct sunlight robs them away of their tender skin and can cause the skin-burn. Even an exposure of just say five minutes can prove harmful as you are still not aware how the baby’s skin will react. Moreover, you cannot apply any sunscreen till the baby turns one. If it is utmost necessary to take your baby in the sun, then please make sure that you dress your baby in a hat and full sleeved clothes.

2) Keep your baby away from aunties and uncles who like to give a peck – “Oh, how cute!”… and with that they give a peck on the baby’s cheeks. Some don’t stop at that. They go ahead to lend some more kisses on the forehead and cheeks and stop only being thoroughly satisfied. As if they are seeing a baby for the first time in their life. Please ensure that you keep your baby away from such people as much as you can because, forget giving a peck, even touching without sanitizing the hands can lead to passing of germs to the baby, which no parent would want.  
3) Massage – ‘A massage a day keeps the baby’s skin soft and healthy’. This is the old age phrase which is still relevant in majority of the households. A good massage helps in relaxing the baby’s limbs and also helps in giving their skin enough moisture. The oil used for the massage is also important. Generally, we use the tried and tested ones which have been used since generations. Also, it is good to give a massage with a moisturizing cream post bath. A plumped and hydrated body will allow to hold for more moisture rather than pre-bath massage.
4) Prevent diaper rash – A major reason for skin rash among babies is the usage of diaper. It is very much important to use a diaper that is soft not only from the outside but also from the inside. This is where most of the couples put their trust on Pampers. This will prevent diaper rash. Also, in the infancy, it is necessary to change diapers every couple of hours as the baby’s skin is extremely soft and can easily take to rashes. Moreover a soiled diaper needs to be changed immediately and the bottom be cleaned thoroughly. A dash of moisturizing cream post wiping the baby’s behind is also good. 
5) Timely nutrition and hydration – A timely mother’s milk helps in gaining the required amount of nutrition and we all know that a nutritious body allows for a good supple skin.
These are the five essential tips to keep and prolong the softness of the baby’s skin. If you know some more, kindly do share with us.

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