Technology is at the root of everything. Whichever product you use, it has some or the other technology applied for the better performance of the final product. The same goes with mobile phones or rather smartphones. 
If you as a lay man who is smarter between yourself and your smartphone, I am sure that person will choose the smartphone as the clear winner. What not it does for you! For instance, it can wake you up, keep you in touch with any and everyone on this universe, share important business related files and click pictures too!! Isn’t that a device of great utility and importance in today’s generation?
Well, as it is said, ‘You can keep the smartphone away from you, but smartphone won’t allow you to keep it away from you’.
So let us look at some of the awesome things you can do with your android smartphone camera.

1) Your smartphone camera will allow you to take pictures of things that are faraway from your present location. Now, don’t look confused and give me a wry smile. You don’t believe me? Fine, I will tell you how. Take your now-never-to-be-used binocular lying in one of the corners of your cupboard. Place the lens of your camera in front of the viewing lens of the binocular and snap! You will get the desired image of a faraway place without moving from your current location.
Tip: The trick is good while you are holidaying or travelling.
2) I think you must have at least once wished of having a clone of yourself to work on your behalf. Well, unfortunately camera doesn’t allow you that, but what it can do is play a prank on people whom you wish to be fooled. Didn’t get it? I’ll tell you. Go to the panorama mode of your camera and ask some one to capture you. Once you are captured in the frame, run a la Usian Bolt towards the other corner where you want to be captured in the panorama. Bingo! you have now successfully cloned yourselves only to fool the people around you.
Tip: Be your casual self in one click and your Halloween self in the other for maximum effect.
3)  We have always wished to have that one perfect click of nature and surroundings. Sometimes we only want a particular thing in the frame, like a pinhole effect. To create a pinhole effect either you need to visit a designer or a Photoshop expert to create a pinhole effect. But now with your one-man army of smartphone camera, you can do this easily. You need to place a cardboard just below the lens and a thumbtack strategically for the desired final effect. What you will get is a nice pinhole effect for your image.
Tip: Use different things apart from thumbtack. Even your tiny part of finger tip can give you the desired result. Also, it needs much practice.
4) If your sunglasses has a reflective coating on its lens then use it to its best especially during the early morning and late afternoon times. This can be a new arsenal in your photography tricks to get some superb perspective and shots.
Tip: Try clicking it from different angles and see which one is the best. You will learn only through trial and error. 
Also, here are some few more tricks to use your Android Smartphone Camera to its best.
1) Avoid flash as much as you can. Use natural light for better images.
2) Avoid using digital zoom as the image will appear grainy. 
3) Use HDR while taking images of stationary objects.
So, it is time to be a Technocrat and test your smartphone camera using the above ways for more fun and awesome pictures.